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  • https://aunkyfunky.wordpress.com/2020/07/03/pokemon-sword-shield-where-to-find-the-dojo-uniform/

    The arrival of Isle of Armor, DLC expansion in Pokemon Sword and Shield has created a lot of heat in the entire gaming world. Gamers were quite excited and anticipated for this DLC expansion from the past several months. Thus, now the Isle of Armor has finally updated in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The game has now changed a lot as several new aspects, and features have arrived in it through the Isle of Armor.

    Before updating the DLC expansion part 1 in the game, Game Freaks have released its trailer which depicted two new costumes of the Poke trainers. The one costume was in yellow while the other one was in black and both of them are known as Dojo Uniform. In this article, we are going to help the gamers to find Dojo Uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor expansion. Read the below-written workaround thoroughly to know about the location and ways to get Dojo Uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    Where to Find the Dojo Uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

    The gamers first require to visit the dojo island with the help of the map. Once they reach Dojo island successfully, then they have to find an old station. When they reach the front side of the station, they have to take a left and then keep on moving until they find a bridge and cross it. Once they successfully cross the bridge, they have to move in the east location and are required to keep on moving until they find the hefty Dojo in front of them. Gamers have to challenge him, and players of Sword will encounter a Psychic-type pokemon, Avery whereas trainers of Shield have to fight with a Poison-type Pokemon, Kara.

    The potency level of those Dojo minions is mainly relying on the players’ game level alongside the number of winning gym badges. So, it will be a big relief for the amateur gamers as they can easily thrash out the Dojo’s minions due to low potency level. At the same time, veterans have to do it with a strategy to knock down the encountered foe to carry on their journey for Dojo Uniform. After this, the gamers will get access to Dojo; however, still, there is one more task that they need to accomplish to attain Dojo Uniform.

    The gamers, after accessing Dojo, players will encounter Mustard which is till now proven as a friend to them. However, inside the Dojo’s created place, Mustard is now an opponent of the gamers, and they need to beat him to get the Dojo outfits.

    How to Beat Mustard for Dojo Uniform in Sword and Shield?

    The gamers first need to know about the strength of Dojo, which is electric and fighting-type moves. Dojo uses Shinx as an electric-type alternative Pokemon whereas Mienfoo is his fighting-type Pokemon. Both of them possess potent abilities, but with a good strategy, gamers can easily bring them to their knees. So, we recommend our players to create a strategy against electric and fighting-type Pokemon to beat Mustard with ease. Once gamers successfully whack the Pokemons of Mustard, then they will get the Dojo Uniforms as a reward from Mustard himself.


    The DLC expansion part 1 has arrived in the Pokemon Sword and Shield. Game Freaks have done several new changes and replacements through the Isle of Armor. In this article, we are going to provide a guide to the gamers about Dojo Uniform. The article contains all the available information about Dojo Uniform and its location alongside ways to get it. We hope that players will obtain Dojo Uniform and will find this article helpful for it.

    Gamers who are keen to attain the gaming experience of Pokemon Sword and Shield after the Isle of Armor can obtain it on Nintendo Switch.

    Source:- Pokemon Sword & Shield

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  • https://aunkyfunky.wordpress.com/2020/06/30/what-is-peacock-and-why-it-is-beneficial-for-android-users/

    What is Peacock?

    Peacock is one of the upcoming video streaming service providers, and NBC Universal has produced it. As per the official sources, the platform will show all the classic and recent shows premiered by various broadcast and cable networks.

    The new service provider will be led by Matt Strauss. He is also known for leading Comcast Xfinity cable products.

    Launch Date And Availability Of This Streaming Service

    The availability of this streaming service is limited. The streaming of this service is available to Flex and Comcast Xfinity X1 customers. The rest of the consumers from the United States will have access to this streaming service from July 15.

    On Which Platform and Device Will The Peacock Be Available

    As per the official announcement by the NBCUniversal, the Peacock is available on both Android and iOS devices. Even the company assures that soon it will be available for Android smart TV, Apple TV, and Xbox One game console.

    Subscription Details

    The company is offering its subscription in two different ways. You can use this service for free of cost with ads. The other one is the premium account, in which you will need to pay a little amount to get more content.

    The free version offers 7,500 hours of enjoying their service with the ads. The consumers who are watching the free version will not be able to watch the new episodes on the same day. They have to wait for at least one day for watching the new episodes of the show broadcasted on the premium platform. On the free Peacock’s version, you can watch the complete classic TV series with some selected popular movies.

    The premium version of this platform offers 15,000 hours of content for their subscribers. If you have a premium account, then you can watch all the exclusive Peacock shows, live sports, and many more. The premium account will cost you around $4.99 per month with ads. But if you are a Cox Cable and Comcast subscriber, then they will get the premium account for free. If you hate ads and want to avoid them completely, then you have to spend around $5 more per month. So, if you want an ads-free premium account, then you need to pay $9.99.

    Even those who have Android TV or Android devices can have the free access of premium versions from July 15 to October 15.

    Pre-order And Save Money

    NBCUniversal is offering its consumers to pre-order the service before the launch of the product. You can save up to 40 percent by pre-ordering it. If you pre-order the yearly subscription of the ad-supported version, then it will cost you around $29.99, and for the ad-free version, you may need to spend $79.99.

    Classic TV Shows On This Platform

    NBCUniversal claims that most of the videos from the different platforms will be going to launch on this platform. Even the Peacock will be the exclusive streaming platform for the US version of The Office.

    One of the most popular TV series “workplace sitcoms” is available on Netflix and soon it is available on Peacock. But if you want to watch the current and new episodes right now, then you can watch it from Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the classic episodes of Workplace sitcom exclusively on Peacock after October 2020.

    Is There Any Sports And News Content On Peacock?

    If you follow sports closely, then you might know that NBC is the home for the 2021 summer Olympics that is going to be held in Japan. So, it means that after completion of the one year in 2021, there is some sports coverage on this streaming platform.

    The Reboot of The Office On Peacock

    As mentioned earlier, the service will stream the episodes of The Office (US version) in next year, January. No doubt, there is a huge fan base of this season, and the subscribers might want the full-fledged series of all-new episodes. The chairman of NBCUniversal stated that they will do the best reboot of The Office.

    If a reboot of The Office debuts on Peacock, then there is a possibility that you won’t see the original star Steve Carell in that reboot. Carell is going to appear in the initial season of The Morning Show, which will be aired on Apple TV Plus streaming service from November 1.

    Chances of Success

    No doubt, NBCUniversal is known for offering best and popular content and offers an enormous content library. In the short term, the Peacock will become the best streaming platform with some of the original content. In January 2021, the streaming of The Office on this platform will become a great option for the Peacock.

    But there are tons of already existing streaming services, and Peacock is running from April 2020. It will be very difficult for the Peacock to gain the consumers and offer the services so that they can buy the premium version.

    The launching of the reboot of The Office and the original content on Peacock can help them to generate the consumers easily.

    Android #peacock #user

    Source:- What Is Peacock and Why It Is Beneficial for Android Users?

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  • https://aunkyfunky.blogspot.com/2020/07/how-to-see-and-control-app-permissions.html
    How to See and Control App Permissions on Your SmartPhone
       How to See and Control App Permissions on Your SmartPhone Most of the third-party apps require special permissions on your phone to work ...
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  • https://aunkyfunky.blogspot.com/2020/07/vpncity-best-vpn-at-budget-friendly.html
    VPNCity: Best VPN at a Budget-Friendly Price
       VPNCity: Best VPN at a Budget-Friendly Price Most of the users use a VPN for circumventing their locations and for streaming some of thei...
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  • https://aunkyfunky.wordpress.com/2020/07/07/the-best-5-cpus-for-gaming-in-2020/

    The central processing unit or (CPUs) is the heart of every computer system. It is that core unit on which the whole functioning of our computer system depends. Whether you use your computer for watching videos, doing some professional work, for gaming, or any other purposes, you need a good and efficient processor to perform any function. And when it comes to gaming, then you need to have the best CPU in your gaming PC. However, selecting the best processor unit for gaming PC can be a strenuous task especially now when we have a lot of better options. Nowadays, the processors come with more performance and core than the previous time. If you are one of the people who are not up to speed with the latest offering in the market, then for you, we have prepared a list of the best CPUs that are designed especially for gaming purposes. To get the list of the best gaming CPUs, please go through the entire article.

    The Top CPUs Designed Especially for Gaming Purposes

    There are a lot of best options available for you in the market. With the frequent changes in the CPU market with new and more powerful options, how will you manage to decide which one is the better option for you? And that’s why we are here to help you with the list. If you are a gaming enthusiast and your gaming peripherals cost you a lot of money, then you should consider these best affordable gaming CPUs that you can have for a lot better gaming experience in 2020. You might have experienced a situation when your game lagged, and you lose to your competitors because they have a better gaming processor. If you want to avoid this situation in the future time, then go through the list of the best CPUs for gaming and help yourself in selecting the suitable option. Here is the list:

    AMD Ryzen 73800X

    AMD Ryzen 73800X is one of the best processors that is designed keeping in mind the gaming needs of the players. It is on the top in our list of the best gaming processors in the desktop PC gaming segment. With this processor, the players can see the characters of their favorite video game come alive on the screens of their system. It has a high clock rate standing at 4.5GHz max boost along with eight cores, 16 threads with an AM4 socket. Speaking of its cache memory, it offers 36Mb which is more than enough for gaming activities. When you have this processor on your PC, there is no chance that you will fall and lose the game to your competitor. AMD Ryzen 73800X is the best option that anyone can choose for the best gaming experience.

    Intel Core-i9 9900K

    Being the ninth generation of Intel’s core processor, Intel Core-i9 9900K is another great processor that is designed to provide you with the best gaming experience. It has an average clock speed of 3.6 GHz that can be boosted up to the rate of 5 GHz with its turbo boost technology 2.0. The number of cores and threads included in this processor are 8 and 16. However, it has a TDP of 95 watts that is less as compared to AMD Ryzen. This fantastic CPU offers you with 78% of more in-game FPS that you cannot expect from an average three years old computer. Along with that, it has a UHD Intel 360 graphics that will make you enable to have an ultra-high-definition view on your screen. Please note that this processor is compatible only with the motherboards of the Intel series 300 chipsets. Being a brand of the Intel, it’s worth giving it a try.

    AMD Ryzen 53600

    If you are looking for a cheap but best processor for your gaming PC, then this will be an excellent option to choose from. This processor can deliver 100 frames per second in some of the most popular games. It comes with six cores, 12 threads, and with a quiet AMD stealth cooler that keeps your CPU cool. Its cooling system comes with a TDP of 65 watts. It has a clock rate speed of 4.2 MHz that seems sufficient for six cores and can be increased by overlocking. With a cache memory of 35Mb, it will make your processor faster and more efficient. This is the most affordable processor that you can have at an amount of $194.99.

    Intel Core-i7 9700K

    Intel Corei7 9700K is another fantastic and affordable processor that you can have for a better gaming experience. It belongs to the 9th generation of Intel core processors. It comes with an average clock speed of 3.6 GHz which you can increase up to 4.9 GHz with the help of its Turbo Boost technology 2.0. It has a 12 Mb of cache memory with eight cores and an equal number of threads. In addition to this, it provides its users with 69% more FPS that is a lot more than an average of three years old computer. You can have an experience of excellent resolution. You have to buy a cooling device on your own as it does not come with it.

    AMD Ryzen 93900X

    Here comes the last item on our list, AMD Ryzen 93900X is also a solid gaming CPU that will help you to improve your gaming performance. With its higher base clock speed, cores, and thread, no one can ignore this great option. It provides you with a fantastic gaming experience at a great price. The AMD Ryzen 93900X is a tremendous 12 core beast of a CPU that is designed for a high-end gaming rig, and multimedia editing stations. You don’t need to worry about the power as it has a lower power consumption than other processors.

    So, these were the best 5 CPUs that are specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the gamers of different genre. You can buy any one of them on the Amazon store or any other services.

    Source:- Best 5 CPUs for Gaming

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  • https://aunkyfunky.blogspot.com/2020/07/how-to-fix-reconnect-your-drive-error.html
    How to Fix Reconnect Your Drive Error in Windows 10
    How to Fix Reconnect Your Drive Error in Windows 10 Backing up is quite important and Windows 10 enables you to back up your data effortless...
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  • https://aunkyfunky.wordpress.com/2020/07/03/operation-iron-horse-goes-live-in-tom-clancys-the-division-2/

    Today, Ubisoft officially launched the eight-player raid Operation Iron Horse into Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. This is the most awaited game in the market currently and gamers have been dying to play it since its announcement. Operation Iron Horse is a big mission and that showcases very well how adamant and ferocious the True Sons are. In this, players will not only have to face the True Sons and deal with them but also handle all the secrets they are keeping. Dealing with the environment of a foundry is also going to be a big challenge. In this game, all of the maestros are going to make your survival difficult as they all come with their mechanics and styles of fighting that players will have to learn from them on the fly. The biggest twist is that no two are alike, so if you apply a strategy from a previous one onto a new one, it would not work. The game is all about the raid.

    In this raid, Division Agents will move towards a foundry, where the True Sons are assembling weapons as they are devising a strategy to establish their hold over Washington D.C. again. According to the sources, this challenge is going to very tough even for experienced players. This will put to test the teamwork and the ability of all. Only the players who have caught up with Level 40 after playing Division 2: Warlords of New York expansion will be able to take part in the raid. While the players who own The Division 2 base game can partake in the Level 30 version of Operation Iron Horse, which is going to release on July 7. Players can change the Operation Iron Horse gaming modes between Normal and Discovery Difficulty. The Discovery Difficulty mode has not been released yet and will appear at a later date which is going to feature matchmaking for the raid. Another good news is that, apart from the second eight-player raid, the Race to World First competition is back in the game.

    What makes this more happening is that the first team on each platform that will be able to complete Operation Iron Horse after it goes online will be forever immortalized in the game. Also, they will have their team photo and names exhibited in the form of a portrait in the White House in Division 2 so that all players can see them. Isn’t this amazing? Apart from the return of Race to World First, Twitch Drops are also back. That means fans will again be able to receive drops from selected Twitch partner streamers who will be streaming the raid on their platform. It is announced that Twitch Drops will be available from July 2 at 5 am PT.

    The Division 2 is available on the Xbox One devices including the Xbox One X, Play Station4, Windows PC, UPLAY+, Ubisoft’s subscription service, and the new generation gaming platform, Stadia.

    Source:- Operation Iron Horse

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  • https://aunkyfunky.wordpress.com/2020/07/07/the-boys-season-3-might-be-underway/

    Since their debut in 2019, Boys has been known for their “different take” on superheroes. Rumour has it that this hit TV show has already received the go-ahead for Season 3. The first season took the viewers by storm with their corrupt team of protagonists, a generous dose of gore-filled scenes and plenty of censor worthy words flying around. Top that off with a good serving of the steamy stuff, and you have a viewers favourite.

    Given the fact that the second season of the show was claimed by Amazon Prime before the first season even premiered, gives us a good reason to believe that Season 3 is on the way. To add to the excitement, a new character is likely to be introduced.

    It has been made evident from a comment posted by the Show-runner Eric Kripke during an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, hinting that he was all set to begin working on the third season. Another social media post of his hinted that the viewers can expect The Walking Dead star, Jeffery Dean Morgan to be starring in Season 3. Kripke and Morgan are already well acquainted with each other as they have already worked together on the show “Supernatural.”

    The Boys in a lot of ways is more of an anti-superhero series with the mainstream superheroes

    being the bad guys, arrogantly causing major collateral damage to the innocent civilians.

    The actual heroes of the title in the show are an uncouth, disreputable group that takes the superheroes on. The basic concept of the good versus the bad is maintained, but the general viewers’ perception of right and wrong is played around with. We’re used to hooting for the guys that fly around wearing capes and ridiculously tight underwear. However, the show makes you want to cheer for the guy fighting back favouring his wits overshooting laser.

    This slight change in perception makes the show extremely enjoyable, especially in the first episode where the show’s real hero (an essential non-hero in every possible way) is introduced to us. Hughie, played by Jack Quaid, is a regular downtrodden salesman with a good reason to dislike the superheroes.

    The story sets off when Hughie is recruited by Billy Butcher, a bruiser who has his own set of reasons to end the superheroes. Over time more allies join their team and show progresses toward the superhero deconstruction. Essentially, this circumstantially “different” theme clubs with the larger idea of going against the privileged patriarchy of the American society and questions fraudulent celebrity culture.

    However, Erick Kripke has not made any official statement yet on the topic of the third season being already ordered. For the time being, we can only hold on to the hope that the season three rumours turn out to be true before our anticipation consumes us.

    Source:- The Boys Season 3

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